7th Grade Curriculum Maps

7 ela  writing coach  English Language Arts


The Prentice Hall Literature series is organized around Big and Essential Questions based on the Understanding by Design framework.  Students frequently revisit these questions throughout lesson activities to deepen their understanding of universal themes.  Explicit instruction of reading skills and strategies are taught as students explore classic and contempoary literature.  Additionally, students engage in a variety of vocabulary-builing activities throughout each unit.


Prentice Hall Writing Coach unlocks the writer in every child utilizing a grammar program that uses print and digital tools to help students grow into confident, independent writers.

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7 math   Mathematics 


Throughout the school-year, students will focus on gaining an understanding of Principles of Algebra; Rational Numbers; Graphs, Functions, and Sequences; Exponents and Roots; Ratios, Proportions, and Similarities; Percents; Foundations of Geometry; Perimeter, Area and Volume; Data and Statistics; Probablility; Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities; Graphing Lines; Sequences and Functions; Polynomials.

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All curriculum maps are based on approximate time lines.  Some units/topics may take more or less time than planned based on regular formative assessments to guide the learning needs of our students.