Leslie Public Schools - Food Service Charging Policy

BREAKFAST/LUNCH CHARGING…Students at each school are allowed 2 meal charges at a time.  Once the third charge is reached, a lunch consisting of raisin bran, fruit, and milk will be given in place of a hot lunch; for a fee of $0.50.  At each building students/parents are notified of said charges.  Notices are sent home weekly (printed on Thursdays) at Woodworth.  At both the Middle School and High School, students are notified immediately that they are charging a lunch and will need to bring money in.  Emails are sent out on a weekly basis, no less than 3 times per week, to those parents whose email addresses are set up.


ALA CARTE CHARGING…Students are not allowed to charge Ala Carte items, this includes single MILK, but are allowed to charge a hot lunch if they have no money.  If there is a negative balance on account, the balance will need to be paid before Ala Carte can be purchased. 

If you have any questions...please contact Kristen Hawkins at (517)589-9616 or kristen.hawkins@lesliek12.net.