Welcome Letter

Greetings Parents/Guardians,

I am Connie Gonzalez, Woodworth’s new principal, and I am truly blessed to be a part of this amazing school district! I am excited about getting to know everyone, as we embark on the 2019-2020 school year.

Prior to Leslie Public Schools, I was an English and reading teacher for grades 6 through high school, a teacher leader at the high school level, as well as an assistant principal. I have earned several degrees: a bachelor’s in English and reading, Master of Arts in English, Master of Education, and an Education Specialist in K-12 Leadership. Clearly, I believe in obtaining a quality education in order to meet individual aspirations. That same belief is with me today, which I intend to use to inspire everyone at Woodworth Elementary to find the next level to work toward. I am passionate about professional leadership with our team, working with parents/guardians and students, and every opportunity to engaged in conversations about high quality learning.

My goal is to develop strong working relationships with the staff and students, as well as families and community members. That being said, I invite you to bring to my attention any concerns that may arise during the year. It would be my pleasure to engage in discussions that lead to common resolutions. I believe it takes a collaborative effort from all stakeholders to ensure students receive a quality education. Woodworth Elementary is dedicated to providing a learning environment conducive to nurturing student growth and development, while providing excellent instruction and learning experiences.  Student attending Woodworth Elementary School will have access to all we have to offer, and we will work hard to ensure each student receives the supports necessary for success!

Most sincerely,

Connie Gonzalez