Welcome to the Counseling Connection!

 CounselorThanks for visiting!  We have two counselors at Woodworth Elementary!  Danielle Ziehmer is at Woodworth 50 percent of the time and Jeana Allen is at Woodworth 25 percent of the time.  By simply clicking on the tabs on this page, you will find an assortment of information.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please call us at (517) 589-5151 ext. 330 or email at danielle.ziehmer@lesliek12.net or jeana.allen@lesliek12.net. 

The role of a school counselor is to support all children's growth and awareness in academic, personal/social, and career areas.  This involves working in collaboration with administration, staff, parents, and the community to promote children's ongoing educational success and skill development.

We are in the classrooms throughout the year to teach guidance/prevention lessons.  In addition to classroom lessons, individual counseling sessions and small groups are available based on specific needs.

School counselors are not able to provide long-term therapy, but can provide brief, solution-focused counseling to children on a variety of issues and concerns.  When more attention and intervention are required, outside counseling may be necessary.  Please contact us if you ever need a list of counseling resources in the area.