Bully Prevention

What is Bullying?       


  • Bullying is unfair and one-sided. 
  • It happens when someone keeps deliberately hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose. 
  • It could be physical, verbal, nonverbal, or involve technology (cyber-bullying).
  • There is unequal power.
  • Bullying is repeated events; if something happens once it might be called a conflict, rather than bullying.

What is The Difference Between Bullying & a Conflict?

A conflict is a disagreement that happens when people want different things.  It is a normal part of human interaction.  The people involved in a conflict have equal power to solve the problem.  They can work it out together. They are not purposely trying to hurt each other. 


When bullying occurs there is an imbalance of power and the more powerful person uses his/her power to emotionally and/or physically hurt or control the other person. A conflict may be uncomfortable but it does not hurt.

Ways to Help Stop Bullying                   No Bully                     I


  • Tell the person to stop
  • Talk to an adult you trust
  • Don’t fight back
  • Don’t trade insults
  • Keep your cool
  • Use humor
  • Stick with friends whenever possible
  • Positive self-talk

If You’re a Bystander (You See or Hear Bullying)


  • Don’t laugh at or join in with the teasing or gossip
  • Find others who don’t support bullying and speak up together
  • Offer your support to the person who was bullied

 Bullying Myths


  • It’s okay for kids to be mean
  • He/she asked for it
  • Bullying affects just a few kids
  • Telling is tattling

4 Ways to be a HERO

       1) H- Help rescue the victim

       2) E- Educate others

       3) R- Report it to an adult

       4) O- Offer friendship




Visit these helpful Websites:

Stop Bullying Now! is a national anti-bullying campaign.  It provides information for children and adults about bullying and prevention.


www.GetNetWise.org  This is a nonprofit resource that helps parents and children learn how to stay safe online.