Summary of Services

~ Classroom Guidance Lessons ~        Circle Time

  • Provided for all students through a collaborative effort with teachers
  • Examples include: character education, friendship skills, bully prevention, self-esteem, conflict resolution, etcetera
  • Provides an important opportunity for all students to interact with the counselor
  • After each lesson a family letter will come home discussing the topics covered so you can discuss what was taught with your child

~ Small Group Counseling ~         Play learn

  • Involves students who have been referred for a similar concern
  • This format is goal-centered and oriented toward enhancing and developing coping skills
  • Some common types of counseling groups deal with: changing families (divorce, separation, guardian change), friendship, self-esteem, anger, and grief and loss
  •  Groups are confidential in nature and parent/guardian permission is required
  • Each group runs for approximately six sessions, lasting a maximum of 30 minutes per week during the school day

~ Individual Counseling ~    School

  • Working one-on-one with a student to help resolve problems or concerns, enhance decision-making skills, and/or build coping skills
  • Students can sign up themselves or it could be requested by a parent/guardian or concerned staff member
  • This is a confidential relationship and is a short-term limited intervention (not intensive therapy)
  • Please remember that while school-based counseling interventions are helpful, some children may need longer term counseling beyond the scope of what is available at the school