Anger Management & Conflict Resolution

PDF DocumentWhen I am Angry


PDF DocumentGuidelines for Dealing with an Angry Child 


PDF Document20 Ways to Foster Values in Children


What is Conflict Resolution?

It is learning how to settle disagreements peacefully with the following steps:


  • Calm down
  • Describe the problem
  • Think of solutions
  • Weigh every solution
  • Choose one solution

Using the I-Message Peace Making Process

     I feel_______________(say your feeling—sad, mad, scared, happy)

     When_______________(describe the situation)

     I want_______________(solution)


Using the I-Message Peace Making Process


     1.     Calm Body

     2.    Eye Contact    

     3.    Calm, Firm Voice

     4.    Be Respectful—No Put Downs

     5.    Listen