Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is an educational option for high school students whereby the student is officially enrolled in high school and is simultaneously enrolled in one or more college/university classes. 

PDF DocumentDual Enrollment Eligibility Letter

Enrollment Eligibility: a student must meet the minimum qualifying test scores on their most recent standardized test and submit an application.

External LinkQualifying Scores for Dual Enrollment

Eligible Institutions: a state university, community college, or independent non-profit degree granting college or university that is located in this state. Most dual enrollment students at LHS take online courses through External LinkLansing Community College.

Eligible Courses: Course offered by an eligible postsecondary institution for postsecondary credit. Not offered by the eligible student’s high school (or is not available to the student due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict). Academic in nature: Normally applies toward satisfaction of postsecondary degree requirements. Not ordinarily taken as an activity course. Not a hobby, craft, or recreational course. In a subject area other than physical education, theology, divinity, or religious education.

In order to earn high school credit, you must pass the college course. You’ll receive 1.5 high school credits per college semester.

All tuition and required course materials will be covered up to the allotted amount.

Google SheetDual Enrollment Calculation Worksheet

*See Mrs. Meyer in Student Services for more information and an application for Dual Enrollment.